Project Owner

Enbridge Pipeline - Aaron Madsen

Project Delivery Method

Integrated Design-Build

Project Duration

9 Months

Project Value

$22 Mil

Project Overview

Crude to Rail Loading Facility Construction

Enbridge needed a railcar loading facility in Berthold, ND capable of loading 80,000 barrels of crude oil per day, or the equivalent of 120 railcars per day. UCI was the general contractor on the project that included a 900-foot long enclosed facility that had load spots and associated piping and controls for 14 railcars. Construction of the facility required 2,900 cubic yards of concrete, 1,170 pipe welds, 120 tons of structural steel, 16 miles of cable, and 395 instrument connections. Project scheduling and execution was critical to complete the concrete and building prior to the harsh winter. Construction of the loading building began the first part of July and was completed prior to the first snow so piping and electrical work could progress throughout the winter. Much of the piping, electrical and instrument work was completed in sub-zero weather.