Project Owner

Western Plains Energy/ IMC -Jarame Verbeck

Project Delivery Method


Project Duration

6 Months

Project Value


Project Overview

Tertiary Digesters Construction

This project consisted of constructing 2 HDPE lined and covered tertiary digesters, a concrete splitter box to control which cell the waste enters, a concrete pump station with associated pumps, valves and piping.

UCI installed the initial 60 mil. liner, followed by leak detection piping with a sump pump and alarm system along with a 200 mil. HDPE geonet and lastly the final 80 mil. primary liner. Ten (10) 8” HDPE inlet pipes with mixing nozzles and two (2) 24” HDPE suction pipes were installed on concrete support slabs in the digesters. The last step was to install an HDPE floating cover along with biogas piping over the digesters.

The completed project created and captured the gas before it was sent to a gas polishing building to be used as fuel in the plant.

• 8630’ 4”-24” HDPE leak detection, inlet and discharge pipe
• 2080’ 12” HDPE biogas piping
• 151,000 SF 60 mil HDPE liner and geonet
• 151,000 SF 80 mil HDPE liner
• 140,000 SF 80 mil HDPE floating covers