Project Owner

Phillips 66 Co. - Betsy Johnson

Project Delivery Method

Time and Materials

Project Duration

6 Months

Project Value

$2.6 Mil

Project Overview

Chemical Plant Drum Replacement

UCI was asked early in the conceptual phases of this project to assist P66 and their design team with budgetary pricing for the civil foundation work associated with this project. We were then given a work order to construct the foundations for the new coke drum tower, stair tower and off-site erection pads, where the new tower and penthouse were to be constructed and then flown into place in two lifts. The new tower was constructed around the exterior of the existing coke tower while in operation, having four 72” dia. x 60’ deep drilled piers supporting the 4’ columns, which were tied together by two 4’x 4’-6” suspended beams. There was a stair and elevator tower constructed adjacent to the new coke drum tower that was supported by five 36” dia. x 60’ deep drilled piers. At a location approximately 650 feet away from the new tower, there were two 60’x 80’x 3’ mat foundations constructed for the pre-erection purposes. Total concrete and reinforcing bar placed for this project was approximately 1990 CY of concrete and 174 tons of rebar. There were many project milestones, but the most satisfying one came when all thirty-two anchor bolts, which would anchor the new coke drum tower to the concrete structure checked out within the allowed tolerances and the next came when the base section was flown in and set upon these bolts without any issue.