Project Owner

City of Anthony - Terry Stark

Project Delivery Method


Project Duration

7 Months

Project Value


Project Overview

Water System Improvement

The new water treatment plant required extensive coordination and planning by UCI with the City of Anthony and all of the subcontractors involved to successfully complete the project on schedule. Major items of work included:

• Construction of a complete nitrate removal treatment plant with all necessary appurtenances
• Construction of a new metal building with all accessories including the SCADA system
• Installation of nitrate removal equipment
• Installation of inlet and effluent piping
• Installation of two (2) 98,500 gallon groundwater storage tanks
• Excavation and installation of two (2) cell evaporative ponds with 162,000 SF of HDPE liner and Geonet
• Installation of 3820’ of chain link and game fence with gates
• Installation of a gravel drive with culvert
• Setting of a new generator
• Installation of approximately 415’ of C900/C90510”-16” of open trench PVC piping,
• Other general appurtenances included as Part 6-Water Treatment Plant