Project Owner

City of Wichita - Rebecca Lewis

Project Delivery Method


Project Duration

23 Months

Project Value

$21.5 Mil

Project Overview

Water Quality Reclamation Facility Construction

Phase II of the Four Mile Creek WQRF project will provide the City of Wichita an expansion of capacity from 3mgd to 6mgd along with several treatment process upgrades. The completed work includes new influent pumping, new screening facilities, expanded grit handling facilities, a new parallel biological treatment train, new clarifiers, new UV disinfection and cascade reaeration, new outfall to creek, expanded solids handling facilities. There are also associated building and site improvements including site electrical, yard piping, building HVAC, plumbing, and electrical as well as expansions to existing instrumentation and controls.

The highlight of this project is the new parallel biological treatment train. The process bioreactor will utilize a biological treatment system, along with backup chemical systems, in order to remove nitrogen and phosphorus. The new process bioreactor is designed to operate in parallel with an existing process bioreactor. The new bioreactor has the capability of treating 3mgd AADF plus plant recycle streams. This bioreactor structure is 320 feet long, 69 feet wide, with 25 foot tall concrete walls. The bioreactor has 2.630 million gallon of volume, 18 foot side water depth and includes an anaerobic zone, anoxic zone and aeration zone.