Project Owner


Project Delivery Method

Short Bid List

Project Duration

13 Months

Project Value


Project Overview

Wastewater Treatment Improvement at Protein Facility

This project was a Wastewater Treatment Improvement Project for a Protein Facility. The new structures UCI built/placed concrete for include:

  • Anoxic/Aeration Basin
  • Final Clarifier
  • Tertiary Clarifier
  • Sludge Holding Tank
  • Biogas Flare Structure
  • Tertiary Building

Total cubic yards of concrete placed by UCI is 3,500cy’s. UCI also installed various equipment which included:

  • 3 Clarifier Mechanisms (1 new structure and 2 existing structures where UCI removed the old equipment and then installed the new equipment)
  • 1 Tertiary Clarifier
  • 1 Belt Filter Press, relocated existing Belt Filter Press
  • Biogas Blowers
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Submersible Mixers
  • Various Pumps and Skids
  • Wier Gates