Project Owner

City of Wichita - Don Dearmont

Project Delivery Method


Project Duration

14 Months

Project Value

$5.5 Mil

Project Overview

Reconstruction of Terminal Apron

This project started in the Spring of 2014 and included 4 phases of work. Installation of a 140,000 gallon glycol underground storage tank, removal of runway C-2, overnight electrical installation on the jet way, and replacement of open ditch with concrete box. The glycol tank phase included removal of pavement, excavation of material and stock-piled off site, installation of concrete glycol tank, backfill with material stocked piled off site, then pavement back to new grades to tie into new terminal. The removal of runway C-2 phase involved closure of runway R-14-32, removal of existing paving, reworking runway lights and signage, and new markings. The overnight electrical work required temporary signage to close runways and taxiways, and installation of new electrical components in a 4-hour window over 4 days. The open ditch phase included installing temporary security fence, installation of concrete box, backfill with imported material, moving of FAA communication lines, installation of a new perimeter access road, and fence. All four phases were performed concurrently and access was different for each location. UCI worked with Airport Security, Airport Authority, and Airport Operations to close and open runways, install and remove security fence, all while completing the project in a narrow time frame.