Project Owner

City of Lawrence

Project Delivery Method


Project Duration

6 Months

Project Value

$2.7 Mil

Project Overview

Storm Water Pump Station Construction

This project consisted of a cast in place concrete pump station 25’ deep below the surface and required dewatering wells to draw groundwater below the construction limits. Completed walls of the pump station are 2.5 feet thick. Due to space limitations, the site could not be open cut and instead a drilled column and wood lagging system was utilized to shore the hole. 

The picture of the pump below is one of 4 large pumps with a 20” discharge. Each of these pumps can handle 8,400 gallons per minute. A smaller duty pump rated at 3,000 gallons a minute rests in the middle of the large pumps in a lower sump.

Bar screens were mounted in front of the pumps that serve to keep large debris out of the pumps to protect from damage.