Project Owner

Westar Energy - Javier Garcia

Project Delivery Method


Project Duration

11 Months

Project Value

$1.8 Mil

Project Overview

Dewatering Building Expansion Construction

The dewatering building expansion project at Jeffrey Energy Center came to be due to new regulations mandating that their gypsum pile, a byproduct of their process, now had to be stored in an enclosed structure. The first step was to erect a 100’ x 100’ clear span temporary tent structure to put Westar in compliance within the allowable time frame. Once in compliance, we began working with Westar and their engineers to refine a partial design for the permanent structure. The permanent structure was a 106’ x 66’ x 53’ tall metal building that would be attached to the existing dewatering building. The concrete foundation included 8’ tall push walls designed to take the wear and tear of a large loader pushing and loading out gypsum every day. 

Once the building was complete, the process to install the three new conveyors, while keeping the plant running, was ready to begin. One existing conveyor had to be shortened and run temporarily while the two new east conveyors were installed. Once these two were up and running, the temporary conveyor was removed and the west conveyor was then installed. All three new conveyors were installed with limited down time for the owner. 

This was another successful Westar Energy project in which the project team worked very well together to solve issues and to ensure that Westar’s expectations of the project were being met throughout the process.